Why Should Your Children see a Chaska Chiropractor

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In today’s world it is very common for parents to bring their children in to see the family chiropractor.  However, a very common question among people is “why do kids need to see a chiropractor and how soon should they see one?”  We will tackle both questions…

First off, everyone knows that the brain needs to talk to the body, and the body with the brain (if you want to learn more about this click here.)  This is not a principle that only applies to adults.  In fact, it is a principle of life for all animals, young and old.  A baby needs 100% Life from the brain getting to every cell in their little bodies, just like an adults does.

The goal of chiropractic care is to ensure that the brain and body are communicating PERFECTLY by finding, and if necessary, removing a SUBLUXATION.  This is a fancy term that means one or more bones of the spine has shifted out of its normal, healthy position AND is pinching a spinal nerve, reducing the normal expression of life through that nerve.

We all want our kids to be their best, to be their healthiest, to live at their OPTIMUM POTENTIAL.  If a child, teenager, adult, and/or centenarian (someone who is over 100 years old) has a subluxation they are ABSOLUTELY living in state of malfunction, be it a little or a lot.  The longer the body is in this state the more they lose health and build disease, and if they stay in this state their lifespan will be shorter!  A subluxation needs to be removed immediately through a specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustment.

Misalignments are incredibly common among kids because of birth trauma.  Even a ‘normal’ delivery can cause misalignments in the upper neck and lead to sleeping issues, ear infections, colic, constipation, bedwetting, and if left uncorrected can lead to things like ADHD, migraines and depression (among many other things) later in life.

I checked and adjusted my kids minutes after they were born.  I have three kids (7, 5, and 18 months) with another one on the way (pray for me…seriously).  We’ve never had one ear infection, bed wetting issues or needed a SINGLE medication!  The body just works properly when there is normal communication between the brain and body.

The best part is that adjustments on kids are INCREDIBLY gentle.  In fact, many infants sleep right through them.

We have our kids eyes checked, we have their ears checked, we have their teeth checked on a regular basis.  Doesn’t it make sense that they should have their spines checked as well?

I hope this little bit of information has clarified some issues.  We would LOVE to help you create the healthiest family possible!  Call us today if you have ANY questions or if you would like to schedule a time to have your family checked for subluxation!

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