When is the Best Time to see a Chaska Chiropractor

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When is the best time to see a Chaska Chiropractor?  The answer is amazingly simple…


Here’s the thing, the ultimate goal of chiropractic is to KEEP you healthy, rather than fixing a problem once it already exists.  A lot of people tend to go to a chiropractor if they have back pain, neck pain or headache.  And while it’s true that chiropractic is incredibly effective in helping to resolve these problems that’s only 5% of what chiropractic is all about.  Let me explain…

This is the SAFETY PIN CYCLE.  This is the easiest way for you to understand how God made the body and how God heals the body.


Chiropractic Chaska MN Safety Pin Cycle

In you brain you have 100% Life.  If life is able to get from the brain, down the spinal cord, through the nerves and get to the body then everything works right and everyone is happy.

Then the body sends it’s messages back up to the brain and tells the brain what is going on in the body and anything that it needs.

The brain interprets that and sends life down in the form of a motor message, and we have something that moves, secretes, excretes and chemically changes in the body.

And that is how we work.  As long as we have life from the brain getting into the body, and from the body back up to the brain, we have a complete circle, then we have the ability to be healthy.

If something happens, a bone in your spine moves out of alignment and squeezes on the brainstem or spinal cord and shuts life off from the brain to the body, we loose life getting into the body.  The body then gets a sick heart, and the body gets a sick lung, and a sick kidney, and a sick back, and a sick leg, and a sick foot, etc.

Chiropractic Chaska MN Safety Pin Cycle

Now when we adjust that bone back into place with a specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment, it takes pressure off the brainstem, spinal cord and nerves and we allow life to get back into the body. And the body can begin to heal itself again.

It’s as simple as that!

The sooner you have your spine checked for subluxation (pinched nerves) the sooner your body can begin to heal and the more time you’re living life at 100%.


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